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I'm officially bringing my Giant Killer training ONLINE! I've been in the game now 25yrs and I feel it's time to pass on some knowledge along the way! I am reviewing applications over the next 2 weeks BUT I’m only taking on a handful of clients! Please, serious inquiries only. I'm looking to work with individuals that truly want to make a REAL change in their life. Want to lose 20lbs, shred up? Finally want to step on stage?  Just be the best version of you again after all these years? Tell me why you want me to train you and what you are looking to get out of this coaching and mentorship. I look forward to reading your application!
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FAQ's #1: Am I going to see results?
Technique is key to staying pain free and seeing maximized results. I have incorporated my own twist on exercises causing them to show proven results for me and my clients!
FAQ's #2: How often are checkins?
No matter the goal, we will be talking on the phone every week provide the accountability needed to get you ensure you reach your goal!
FAQ's #3: Are you hands on?
Here is where some people in the industry can lack. As an In Person Trainer I know the importance of communication and this is why my online training is far better than the rest. We have 1-on-1 calls, emails, forum and much more to ensure YOU get the results you deserve!
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